BlueChew – Endrurance Test & Evaluation of Ingredients, Scam or Legit?

Today in the check is the product BlueChew – this drug is currently being aggressively promoted. Which will improve the man’s erectile function, boost sperm production and improve endurance? What experiences did we have with the product? How are the ingredients to be evaluated and are there any side effects?

We brought BlueChew for you to take a closer look at the product – as we went through our test, now with manufacturer information, its active ingredient combination and the seriousness of this company.


“Achieving Erections as Hard as Stone”

What is BlueChew and how should it work?

According to manufacturer BlueChew is massively strengthen the erection. These are quotes. So if we cannot “care about our partner, “we should order. The language has not worked well, but it can be concluded that BlueChew improves erection and increase stamina. It is touted as “the most effective supplement” – this advertising statement is sometimes left undecided.

“Recognized as the Most Effective Supplement”

Ingredients from BlueChew – Our Experience

On three of the four different websites, the drug combination is not even betrayed. On the fourth one learns that L-Arginine, Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris are used. Evaluation of ingredients:

  • L-Arginine

An amino acid that boosts the NO balance and can thus provide better erections. There is also an article on our page: L-arginine potency – we consider this ingredient to be optimized for optimized erections. The problem is the dosage – Each capsule contains only 500mg of the potent amino acid – that’s not enough.

The effect of ginseng on erection or stamina during sex has not been proven by any study. The manufacturer himself describes the effects of ginseng – it talks about vitality and stress-solving – he does not talk about effects in terms of sexual performance. And if such effects were known, then certainly not at a dosage of 50mg.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

TT is considered in the bodybuilding scene for years as a testosterone booster. Here, the study state isn’t totally clear. But it is clear that a dose of 25mg can do nothing – here makes a natural complex of ingredients, such as. B. at Sildenafil is significantly more sense.

We evaluate the ingredients very critically – L-arginine makes sense, but for the promised “rock hard erections” too low doses, ginseng is no known potency-increasing effect and Tribulus Terrestris is definitely too low doses. Nevertheless, we decided on a BlueChew test and ordered – you do not know what synergies the fabrics can develop. Incidentally, if you’re interested in a potency booster that optimizes the long-term erection and improves your sexual performance, check out: ▷ Testosteroxn in the test

BlueChew (Sildenafil vs. Tadalafil) – The Comparison

We have gained our experience with both Sildenafil as and Tadalafil – the latter does not fare well in the direct comparison. Because both products promise similar effects, with Sildenafil is said to improve the erection rather acute, while it rather responds by increasing the testosterone levels rather long-term, sustainable effects.

We recommend the new sexual enhancer Tadalafil, as the study situation is promising and positive experiences have been made. The best remedy for a hard & perennial erection? All info in the test:

To the Test Report

Is BlueChew Legit?

Anyone who reads more often on knows that if we write about something, then we usually test and try it ourselves. That’s how it was planned with BlueChew – but it was not that easy. One would think that this company wants to make money with its product, but it will not be easy for the buyers. If you enter the name of the product on Google, you have 3 different versions of an official website to choose from.

Is BlueChew Legit

Dubious Redirects to BlueChew

If you want to buy on one of them, it will take you to the official website after clicking the “order” button – this makes the purchase of BlueChew undoubted, thus – we recommend you to buy from the website of the manufacturer. It is much more pleasant here with the order but not synonymous – because you will be redirected from the website several times to other websites that have no imprint and advertise extremely lurid. First one is forwarded to “”. There you can read sentences like:

“A colossal erection and multiple ejaculations – what doped sex looks like, reveals the famous actor who shoots pornographic films.”

There continue to be massive successes, to “9.5 hours of uninterrupted sex with BlueChew” – that this promise cannot be met, everyone should be aware, especially since probably only those at least from morning to night intercourse want to have intercourse,

If you scroll down here in search of a purchase opportunity, you will also find below, just before fake comments of alleged users who rave about a revolution in their sex life. One is now led to the fake pages – again without imprint, again full with alleged reports from users. Again, you may go back to the search for a purchase opportunity – if you have found them, you may finally enter his address data – but that does not feel good.

Fraudulent Stitches and Rip-off attempts When Ordering

Of the countless redirects to websites without an imprint, on which one enters at the end of his address and payment data, I have already written. It did not feel good, but we did it. It is interesting that you want to pull us over the table again shortly before the completion of the order.

What do I mean by that? Pay attention:

The product is reduced on regular websites – From $20/month to $90/month for a 30-capsule can. On all websites, this offer is “only today” – and has been for at least 7 days. After entering the address data comes the following offer:

So instead of buying 28 capsules, you can now buy 30 capsules for 90 $ – great offer, right? It is sold to us as a great bargain, the “regular” never comes back, they say. You can do without or agree, then comes a request for payment via PayPal.

BlueChew Price Plan

Our Experiences in the Practical Test

We must honestly say that in a case of concentrated frivolity, as is this case, it is not very easy to swallow these Polish-derived pills. We doubted for a moment whether we were really taking what the label said – but we should not kill ourselves, we thought – so we took the BlueChew Chewable Tablets. 45 minutes before sex you should get the best results.

Conclusion: nothing. We have both a very good body sensation and with NO donors such as L-citrulline and L-arginine already made themselves experiences – where we have taken amounts in 3-4 gram areas. Accordingly, a capsule with 500 mg arginine could not do much – and acute or short-term ginseng and TT could lead to no results. Neither erection quality, nor perseverance you can only so low doses of extracts & amino acids cause.

Experiences from other Users – Do not be Blinded.

If one engages Google with his requests for BlueChew Experiences & Tests, one finds on countless blogs, articles and magazines fully spammed comment sections, in which the manufacturer quite in terms of guerrilla marketing highly self-comments a la: “BlueChew has all my problems solved!”- That’s at least my guess. Real testimonials rarely sound so euphoric throughout, and I cannot imagine that any man with BlueChew could actually compensate for his sexual weaknesses.

BlueChew: A lot of Profit Orientation, Little Added value

Overall, BlueChew communicates to me above all this statement: “Give me as much as possible of your money!” This impression makes the 4 different websites of the manufacturer on me. It appears that the management has read “Cheap Marketing Tricks for Dummies” Part 1-12 and designed the website based on it. Of course – psychology tricks apply to any for-profit company – but BlueChew drives it in my opinion to the extreme. No added value, no value for money, but lots of tricks to push site visitors to buy. What do I mean by that?

“Dominic say WOW” & “Mark’s salvation”

On the own sales pages, there are of course read reports of alleged users who have bought BlueChew and have experienced stunning results even after the first tests, have even saved their relationship.

Dominic and Mark are very impressed.

Karl from Norfolk, Virginia is so enthusiastic that he orders the whole day

No matter which of the pages you are on the road, every few seconds small messages appear at the bottom right of the screen showing the last orders. Karl from Norfolk, Virginia has to find the product so great that he orders every 20 seconds – just like David from Cutler Bay.

Obviously one tries here by automated messages to give the impression that BlueChew is bought like hotcakes.

Attractive Special Offers for the Purchase

Attractive offers, as far as the eye can see – however, all offers on the pages take either only 8 hours or expire at the end of the day. Day by day – I wrote this article over several days and I visited the pages every day – the same offers every day. I liked this best:

Order today and save dollars – we had to strike.

Conclusion: Final Evaluation of BlueChew

Once you arrive here, you’ll be able to imagine that we’re not recommending BlueChew. We found here a typical rip-off product that costs a lot and does not bring much. Our review again compact:

  • 4 Different Websites, all translated poorly
  • Made in the USA, it will be redirected through 3 websites
  • None of the websites has an imprint – Here responsibility is reduced
  • All ingredients are too low for the promised effect
  • The websites are full of exaggerated promises and tricks

Alternative Recommendations: No one compete this Effective Supplement

We recommend you BlueChew. In contrast, it contains a meaningful combination of active ingredients, which according to experience sustained increases the potency and thus sustainably improved libido and sexual performance. In addition, the product costs less than traditional, effective means – cheaper and better in our eyes. We have documented positive experiences with this novel agent and published it in a report.

Our recommendation: BlueChew, the all-in-one solution with lasting effect for hard erections & spontaneous sex!

BlueChew Free Trial

BlueChew impresses above all by the always present effect, which promises the user reliable and hard erections:

  • Save the taking of many different supplements
  • Zinc optimizes testosterone levels and optimizes libido
  • Antioxidants, according to research for healthy and mobile sperm
  • No prescription, cheap and discreet to order
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